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building kernel modules on qube 2

i have running a debian stable on my qube2, and i'd liked to use
sshfs. so i build install the m-a and tried to compile the fuse and
shfs. the first problem was, that no kernel sources were found by m-a,
so i installed them manually(kernel-headers-2.4.27). then i tried to
build fuse, but it gave me some errors abount unknown opcodes. after
asking some people, someone told me to change the CFLAGS to 
"-v -march=r5000 -mabi=32 -fno-pic -mno-abicalls -G 0".

is this a known bug? does every kernel module require this
modification? why isn't this done automagically? is there a better way
to change the CFLAGS, then patching the sources?

Jan-David Salchow

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