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Re: WRT54G Support?

* Aurelien Jarno <aurelien@aurel32.net> [2006-02-20 05:48]:
> Would it be possible to give us a litlle more details? Personally I
> am interested to know if the Wifi part is working correctly,

I haven't tried yet.  Most of these routers use the Broadcom chip
whereas mine has an Atheros mini-PCI card.  I know some people use the
half-free driver (i.e. the GPL one that needs the fairly large blob);
I haven't had time to try the fully free driver yet.

> if it is possible to configure the vlan part in a different manner


> Also how fast is it to route IP traffic?  For example which bandwith
> should I expect when routing traffic between to ethernet port, with
> a dozen of iptables rules? This is important for the DMZ <-> LAN
> part.

I've no idea... how do you measure that?  I've no big complaints
(altough it could certainly be faster), but then again, I'm not a big
"power user" in that respect.

OK, some simple tests.

Downloading something from the university mirror (laptop -> router ->
ftp mirror):
lftp ftp-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk:/pub/linux/kernel/kernel/v2.6> mget linux-2.6.15.tar.gz
49901424 bytes transferred in 23 seconds (2.06M/s)

Copying something from my laptop to the router:
via SSH:   100%   37MB 488.4KB/s   01:17
via ftp:   38509207 bytes transferred in 29 seconds (1.26M/s)

Martin Michlmayr

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