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Re: WRT54G Support?

On Wednesday 15 February 2006 08:32, Thiemo Seufer <ths@networkno.de> wrote 
about 'Re: WRT54G Support?':
> I keep some old(-ish) tarballs around at
> http://people.debian.org/~ths/chroot-tarballs/

Extracted to /var/pixie/root, exported that via nfs, logged into pixie (my 
WRT54G) and chrooted.  That works.

Now, I wanted to bring the chroot up-to-date:
# apt update
bash: apt: command not found

Alrightly, so, no apt in the base debian system.  That makes sense, so 
worries, I'll just use dpkg:
# dpkg --install apt
dpkg: unable to lock dpkg status database: No locks available

Googling for the error, I see a bug (134591) says that dpkg doesn't work 
over nfs when the F_SETLK ioctl doesn't work.  The it's marked wontfix, 
and it appears the reasoning is that the user should just enable file 
locking over nfs.

I edited my /etc/exports to use the insecure_locks option, since this could 
have been the root of the problem.  I unmounted the chroot on pixie, did 
an exportfs -r on the server, remounted and re-chroot'd on pixie.

Same error.

Consulting the great google again, I find some linux kernel mailing list 
posts that indicate I need statd running on both sides and lockd on the 
server (and maybe the client?).

The client is running lockd, but not statd. I can't find a userland binary 
in either the OpenWRT image or the debian chroot that will start statd.  
The server is running both lockd and rpc.statd.

I can't seem to find and OpenWRT package that enables statd, I can search 
by name, but none look promising, and I have descriptions, just not 
easy-to-search ones.  I looked at the nfs-server package, but it 
specifically mentions that it does not support locking.

Any suggestions?  I think a custom OpenWRT build and reflash would do the 
trick, but I'm not sure, and even if it would I'm not sure exactly what 
options to select.  I also don't want to get into the habit of reflashing 
all the time.

Rereading my own message, this may not be the /best/ forum for it, but I'll 
throw it out and see if anyone bites.  I'll also hit the OpenWRT forums 
consult them for how enable nfs locking.

Thanks in advance.

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
ICQ: 514984 YM/AIM: DaTwinkDaddy

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