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Re: WRT54G Support?

* Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss03@volumehost.net> [2006-02-14 21:53]:
> > Flash flashout is probably different.  That's hard-coded so far and
> > needs some code to auto-detect it.
> Since I don't know what this means, it's clear I need to learn a bit more 

This is not mips specific at all.  Basically, your flash chip is
partitioned but there's no meta-information about how it's
partitioned.  So there's this bcm kernel file which specifies it.
Since you obviously flashed OpenWRT, you have that flash layout and
can just ue the OpenWRT patches.

It gets tricky for me because I'd like to support more than one
device, and they may (and do) differ in their flash layout.


Anyway, from what you say, to me it sounds as if you simply want to
run OpenWRT and maybe mount additional storage via NFS.  But if you
want to work on the project you described, I won't stop you. ;-)

> Well, I had problems with debootstrap, too, so I couldn't get a
> debian system that was suitable to chroot into.  If I reproduce the
> errors, I assume I can get some troubleshooters to help me through
> it on this list, right?

Sure, or I can just run debootstrap and give you a tar ball.
Martin Michlmayr

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