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Re: Sarge on WRT54G-like Embedded Device?

Thank you Thiemo, you have been very helpful.

On Friday 18 March 2005 11:11, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > In the manufacturer's GPL area, are there normally -scripts- to compile 
> > source and package it into a firmware image?  
> Well, depends on the manufacturer, but generally I wouldn't expect
> much help from there.

Hm, OK.  I was studying the firmware image at:

In looking at their old 1.30.1 image, it is clear where the header ends, and 
the CRamFS begins.  There are many rows of nulls after the kernel, and the 
body begins with "Compressed ROMFS" (in khexedit).  But with the newer 3.06 
firmware there is no such delineation.  I am sure this is still a CRAMFS, but 
it must be packaged differently, maybe compressed or encrypted.  Any idea how 
the image construction might be done?  Is there a best-practice?  

How might PMon play into this?  Is the flashing util by "hairydairymaid" the 
best choice?

I realize that these questions may be too specific a situation for people to 
know about.  I'm just worried about packaging and flashing the image 
properly.  Any input appreciated.


Carl Cook

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