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Re: Sarge on WRT54G-like Embedded Device?

Thank you Thiemo.

On Friday 18 March 2005 10:19, Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> > My plan is to install Debian Sarge into a UML image for it and compile the 
> > basic apps usually used in embedded devices. But how to determine which 
> > drivers are appropriate, by just looking at the board?  I'd rather Debian 
> > autosize the hardware if possible for things I don't know exist, in the 
> > processor for example.  Which driver is best for this hardware IPSec?  The 
> > Wifi radio is as yet unsupported in Linux, so has anyone used NDisWrapper 
> > embedded?
> I have a hard time to understand this paragraph. What exactly do you
> want to do?

The BCM4704KPB processor has certain peripherals built in.  Such as an IPSec 
hardware engine, two ethernet ports, and more which I may not know about.

I would like to load drivers for all devices, but may not know them all, 
because I cannot find a datasheet for the 4704.  Hopefully the kernel would 
load the correct modules automatically, but I cannot depend on that.  Is 
there a good way to determine which are the correct modules, when I do not 
have a datasheet for the processor?

With respect to the toolchain, I would like to know whether it matters that 
the processor has these internal peripherals?  In the manufacturer's GPL area 
is there normally a toolchain specific to their device?  I would rather use a 
device-specific toolchain if it is available, rather than Debian's.

In the manufacturer's GPL area, are there normally -scripts- to compile the 
source and package it into a firmware image?  

Is user-mode linux the best way to develop for embedded devices?  Is Qemu the 
best way to emulate MIPS little-endian on a Pentium3?

If I wanted to add something like the newest USAGI IPV6 to a 2.4 kernel, would 
there likely be a problem in compiling?


Carl Cook

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