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Sarge on WRT54G-like Embedded Device?

We are investigating the possibility of installing Sarge into an embedded 
device with a Broadcom BCM4704KPB MIPS processor.

I see that, although I believe MIPS processors are endian-agnostic, there are 
two Debian releases?  I don't know which is suited to the 4704.  I've been 
unable to get the datasheet.

This embedded device has the Broadcom processor with hardware IPSec and two 
ethernet ports, 32MB flash, 128MB DDR SDRAM, a BCM5325A2 switch, JTag and 
what looks like a serial port.

My plan is to install Debian Sarge into a UML image for it and compile the 
basic apps usually used in embedded devices.  But how to determine which 
drivers are appropriate, by just looking at the board?  I'd rather Debian 
autosize the hardware if possible for things I don't know exist, in the 
processor for example.  Which driver is best for this hardware IPSec?  The 
Wifi radio is as yet unsupported in Linux, so has anyone used NDisWrapper in 

Am I best advised to set up Sarge and trim out the unneeded files (docs, etc), 
or to just use a distro like OpenWRT?  Are there any special toolchain 
considerations for this processor/ would Broadcom have a free toolchain?

Thanks for any input.

Carl Cook

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