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Re: Rebuild Kernel for Qube 2 on sarge and LCD Status Display like woody

* Stuart Longland <stuartl@longlandclan.hopto.org> [2004-08-20 11:35]:
> With the LCD panel, I also find it very useful to know what's happening
> at startup.  IMHO this could also be useful for those with LCD4Linux
> compatable display panels, so it shouldn't be a cobalt-specific
> extension.  Is it possible for the rc scripts (the ones fired off by
> init, not just the ones in /etc/init.d) to put in a generic message?

This is not possible at the moment.  As I mentioned in another
posting, I think such infrastructure should be added to the init
scripts and I'll suggest that on our developer's list in the
near future.
Martin Michlmayr

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