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Re: Sarge.tgz Installer Strangeness RaQ2

* David Thurman <listonly@webpresencegroup.net> [2004-07-30 10:09]:
> We tried stable, but must not be a port yet, we tried testing but it
> wouldn't recognize the whole drive nor did it include the auto-partition

Please use 'testing' for now until sarge is released as stable.

> We loaded a new 40 gig drive that was unformatted. For some reason the
> auto-partition feature will hang on the / partition formatting. Sometimes it
> would show 100% and yet the front LED would still be lit on the disk light.
> Other times it would show 0% with no HD activity.

How much RAM does your Cobalt have?  Are you sure that this disk
works (has no hardware defects)?

> On the last attempt, the drive size was listed as 2.4 TB!!! Be nice
> if the installer was magically creating larger drives ;)

Was it shown as 2.4 TB only on the last attempt or before as well?
Martin Michlmayr

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