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Re: Struggling with RaQ2-Debian

* David Thurman <listonly@webpresencegroup.net> [2004-08-02 07:58]:
> We are using a Mac OS X Panther 10.3.4 as our desktop machine to
> reformat the hard drives, since we don't have any available PC type
> machines to use.  I do remember reading somewhere that you had to do
> something different if the drives had BSD partitions, and since OS X
> is based on a BSD system could it be when we format to drives they
> are in the wrong format?

This is possible indeed.  You'll probably have to format the disk with
DOS labels otherwise d-i might get confused.

> Also we tried 15 gig drives, the Raq2 will go from Net Booting to the
> selection of NFS, and start to pull down the files from a mirror.
> When we place a 40 gig drive it never leaves Net Booting. Is there a limit
> on the hard drive? Or could it relate to the above issue/statement?

I have heard onother report that the firmware would not boot with a 40
gig disk while a 30 gig disk worked just fine.  It's possible that you
have a version of the firmware which doesn't like disks bigger than 32

> When we are able to get a download, though we have had mirrors not
> respond and we keep hitting retry or will select a different mirror.
> Do some mirrors not carry the same versions as other mirrors?

They should all carry the same files.  Using ftp.debian.org or the
oregonstate mirror should work.

> Which version should we really be downloading? Stable - Testing or Unstable?

Martin Michlmayr

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