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My few hints on installing Sarge on a Cobalt Qube2


this ist my second try to write a Message into this Mailing-List :-))
My frist try was rejected from the Milaing-List-Robot, because I did write
it with my Newsreader.

But my Newsreader didnt backup the Message before he sent it, so my Message was lost in Cyberspace :-(


I did install Debian Sarge on my Qube2 with 64MB Ram and 40GB Samsung SV0411N (small and cool).
I took the great new HOWTO from Matrin Mischlmayr.
I did install the nfs/dhcp-server on my secondary PC (PIII 933 mit Debian Sarge)

On the installation "tour" I discovered some small problem which I solved with the following tips:

1.) after the Installation of the nfs/dhcp server the dhcp-server wouldnt start, the error-description was to find in the syslog.
The dhcp-server couldnt find the correct netmask for the IP/Interface.
To solve th problem, I inserted the following lines (from the sample-file) at the top of my /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf:
--------------snip from here --------------
default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;
log-facility local7;
subnet netmask {
--------------snap to there --------------

I think the special needed line is the netmask line :-))

2.) if your Qube2 ist already running CobaltOS you get the MAC-address from the commandline with ifconfig

3.) the commandline on my PC wouldnt do the "pipe"-char on a xterm, so using the zcat-command in the HOWTO did only work in the textmode shell.

4.) screen as Terminal-program wasnt installed, so I installed it within the package-manager

5.) if your Qube2 does netboot now.... dont use the left/right Cursor-Keys on the Qube2 for moving (like on the CobaltOS Menue)... use only up/down and enter... by using left/right my Qube2 did try to boot directly from the hda...

6.) after getting the Installer-Screen I tried to use the german language to install.... but it seeems there comes nothing up..did wait a lot of time.... after restarting with netboot and choosing english/USA the Installer continues with the next screen :-)

7.) (this number has already find another user as a problem, and I solved the problem the same way) in the Install-process the Installer did configure the network as DHCP (and you can configure HostName etc)... BUT when you didnt use normally DHCP your Qube2 wouldnt find the way to the Debian-Mirrors... and he will only tell you that this server hasnt the right packages for Mipsel. In my first try, I did try serval mirrors with no luck :-(( After thinking about was the installer has done with the Network-Settings, I did "go back" to the Installer-Menue and reconfigured the Network for using static IPs. After this point the Installer did find the packages on the mirror-Servers just fine :-))

8.) My next "STOP" was the configuration after the Base-Installation (which I had to restart between the installation, because in the first time the didnt get the telnet-package right)... I dont kno why, but I checked to install the "Desktop" (additional to the File/Mail/WebServer).... he checked the packages and did tell me that something was wrong with these...so I did "go back" and unchecked the Desktop (the Qube2 is a Headless computer... so I decided that there is no need for a Desktop)
After that the installation runs fine....

9.) because I didnt want to use the serial Terminal, I installed the package telnetd with apt-get. So I can now telnet from my Apple Cube to my Cobalt Qube2 :-))

Thats just my 2 Cents :-)) Iam not the best system-installer for Linux or Debian, but I like the TextMode-Installer :-))

A BIG Thanks to Martin and the People who just implemented the installation of the COLO-Loader just into the installer. I think this was a lot of help for me getting Debian installed in that way.

Other thanks to the pepole at the LUG Untermain ( www.lug-untermain.de ) for helping me to install my PC with Debian. Without these PC I had not be able to install my Qube2 with Debian (because the lack of a Unix where I can so easily install a DHCP/NFS Server with Martins HOWTO)

Iam looking forward to the new LCD-Driver, so that I can see when my Qube2 is going / has gone shutdown.

Have FUN with Debian on Cobalt Qube(2)/RAQ(2)

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