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Re: My few hints on installing Sarge on a Cobalt Qube2 [SCANNED]

On 8/2/04 12:49 PM, "Guido Zeiger" wrote:

> I did install Debian Sarge on my Qube2 with 64MB Ram and 40GB Samsung
> SV0411N (small and cool).

Well that answers my question on how large of a drive, though we only get
the Net Booting display and the disk activity just stays pegged on the front

> I took the great new HOWTO from Matrin Mischlmayr.
> I did install the nfs/dhcp-server on my secondary PC (PIII 933 mit
> Debian Sarge)
> I think the special needed line is the netmask line :-))

We have that correct :)
> 2.) if your Qube2 ist already running CobaltOS you get the MAC-address
> from the commandline with ifconfig

We have the MAC Addy...
> 3.) the commandline on my PC wouldnt do the "pipe"-char on a xterm, so
> using the zcat-command in the HOWTO did only work in the textmode
> shell.
> 4.) screen as Terminal-program wasnt installed, so I installed it
> within the package-manager
> 5.) if your Qube2 does netboot now.... dont use the left/right
> Cursor-Keys on the Qube2 for moving (like on the CobaltOS Menue)...
> use only up/down and enter... by using left/right my Qube2 did try to
> boot directly from the hda...

We can get to that point.
> 6.) after getting the Installer-Screen I tried to use the german
> language to install.... but it seeems there comes nothing up..did wait
> a lot of time.... after restarting with netboot and choosing
> english/USA the Installer continues with the next screen :-)

We seem to have the opposite problem, using the US mirrors, stall, we tried
a German mirror and it flew??
> 7.) (this number has already find another user as a problem, and I
> solved the problem the same way)
> in the Install-process the Installer did configure the network as DHCP
> (and you can configure HostName etc)...
> BUT when you didnt use normally DHCP your Qube2 wouldnt find the way to
> the Debian-Mirrors...

We had that issue also, and we did "go back" and do a manual network setup,
though once we placed the host name and domain name in DNS it would do a
DHCP auto setup fine (We are on a public block doing ours)

> and he will only
> tell you that this server hasnt the right packages for Mipsel. In my
> first try, I did try serval mirrors with no luck :-((
> After thinking about was the installer has done with the
> Network-Settings, I did "go back" to the Installer-Menue and
> reconfigured the Network for using static IPs. After this point the
> Installer did find the packages on the mirror-Servers just fine :-))
> 8.) My next "STOP" was the configuration after the Base-Installation
> (which I had to restart between the installation, because in the first
> time the didnt get the telnet-package right)... I dont kno why, but I
> checked to install the "Desktop" (additional to the
> File/Mail/WebServer).... he checked the packages and did tell me that
> something was wrong with these...so I did "go back" and unchecked the
> Desktop (the Qube2 is a Headless computer... so I decided that there is
> no need for a Desktop)
> After that the installation runs fine....

Again my question, what version and do some mirrors not carry the same dated
debian packages?
> 9.) because I didnt want to use the serial Terminal, I installed the
> package telnetd with apt-get. So I can now telnet from my Apple Cube to
> my Cobalt Qube2 :-))

Did you format your drives with the Apple by any chance? If so what did you
> Thats just my 2 Cents :-)) Iam not the best system-installer for Linux
> or Debian, but I like the TextMode-Installer :-))
> A BIG Thanks to Martin and the People who just implemented the
> installation of the COLO-Loader just into the installer.
> I think this was a lot of help for me getting Debian installed in that
> way.
> Other thanks to the pepole at the LUG Untermain ( www.lug-untermain.de
> ) for helping me to install my PC with Debian.
> Without these PC I had not be able to install my Qube2 with Debian
> (because the lack of a Unix where I can so easily install a DHCP/NFS
> Server with Martins HOWTO)

I am hoping we can say the same, though we are very thankful of those folks
working on a Debian to Cobalt migration path to keep these blues boxes

David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
Web Development/E-Commerce/CMS/Hosting/Dedicated Servers

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