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Re: "safe" kernel for RaQ2?

Joerg Rossdeutscher wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to everyone for your answers.
> I've still some questions left:
> Am 26. Apr 2004 um 7:17 Uhr schrieb Stuart Longland:
> >You can run later versions of Linux on these boxes, including 2.6.x,
> >however, if you're using the standard stock firmware (not CoLo), you'll
> >need to keep the size of the compressed kernel below 675kB.  (I believe
> >this last restriction makes it _very_ difficult to get anything above
> >2.4.22 going properly)
> 1.
> I fetched the last version, looked at the README and it says it 
> overwrites the firmware, and then there's no more netbooting. Ehmm... 
> if I break the machine, how would I boot it when there's no more 
> netbooting? It doesn't have external media (CD, Disk, Zip,...)

>From what I heard, colo can work as primary bootloader (replacing
the firmware) as well as chained bootloader (started from the

> 2.
> This 675kB-limit... that means I will not be able to boot the coming 
> d-i-beta4, if I do not upgrade the firmware? I can't do that (see 1.), 
> so Debian will "never" be suitable for a RaQ2?

Currently, you can install a d-i daily build only if you already have
a running linux on that box, IIRC because colo has no tftp netboot
support yet.


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