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Re: qt-x11-free stuck at Needs-Build on mipsel for two weeks

Josh Metzler <joshdeb@metzlers.org> writes:

> Is there anyone who can look into why qt-x11-free has been stuck at
> Needs-Build on mipsel for two weeks now, and maybe give it a badly
> needed push to get it building?
> Alternatively, if someone could build this on mipsel and upload it,
> that would be great.

Building. Madkiss told me he might have someone else building it but
that didn't pan out. So now I'm doing it.

> The previous version of qt-x11-free built without any problems on

Iirc the previous version was stuck in the queue for 4 weeks and never
build too.

> mipsel, and it has been at or near the top of the Needs-Build queue
> (http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=mipsel&state=Needs-Build) for a
> long time now.
> As someone pointed out earlier, 79 packages are waiting for it to build
> on mipsel so they can move into testing
> (http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/toplist.html).
> It is the only package that has not yet started building that is keeping
> a complete KDE 3.1.5 out of testing.
> Josh Metzler

I CCed Ryan on the problem as you might have seen. No responce so far.

I'm suspecting he added qt-x11-free to weak-no-auto or something on
the buildd so it never picks it up. But thats just guessing from
watching the needs-build queue.


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