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Re: Indy Installation Problems

The Maniac wrote:
> Hi--
> I have an SGI Indy that I picked up for free - don't know the specs, 
> except that it presently has a 1 GB hard drive and Debian complains that 
> it only has 10 or 11 MB of RAM. I have it using an SGI monitor I also 
> got for free, which works well enough. I don't have the appropriate 
> adapters to hook it up to a serial console.

Minimum is AFAIK 32MB RAM, all four slots of a bank have to be used.
What's the output of "hinv"? (hinv is a firmware command to display
the hardware inventory.)

> I'm able (most of the time) to get it to bootp and tftp from my (Debian) 
> laptop.
> When I do this using tftpboot.img from the woody mips install, it gets 
> through the installer most of the way (although the installer feels the 
> need to restart itself about twice), but after it has downloaded 
> rescue.bin and another file (root.tar?), it starts installing rescue.bin 
> (as I can see in syslog on console 3) and then just doesn't do anything. 
> I can switch consoles, and if I have a shell open on console 2 I can 
> type a command, but once I hit enter nothing happens.

Never seen that. Could be a weird instance of broken RAM.

> When I try using netboot-image.img from the sid mips install, it starts 
> to start up, but then complains about not being able to find a console 
> (or some such) and kernel panics, saying something tried to kill init.
> Am I doing something wrong in either case? Is this a bug of some kind? 
> Could it be something related to having too little memory?

Hm, if there's still IRIX on the disk, you could try the hardware
check is brings with it (selectable from firmware).


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