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Re: Hi - yet another problem regarding printing....

Stefan Deling wrote:
> I finally succeded in setting up my Indy with cups to act as a 
> printserver. I recompiled cups-1.1.20 on the Indy (okay, it took
> some time!). Now it runs faster than i exspected. remote printing
> works just fine! It runs faster than this combination of 
> apsfilter-ghostscript-lpd which i was running before that. Maybe
> this stuff woul run faster when compiled this way...
> So finally thanks to the developers of cups and of course Vincent
> Stehlé who wrote the parport driver for the Indy.

I just hacked a bit on this driver, made it use interrupts instead
of polling and reduced its noise level (it flooded /var/log for me).
If you are inclined to compile your own kernel it would be nice
to try it out (and let me know if it works for you). :-)

The diff against linux-mips.org CVS is available from


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