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building 64-bit binaries.

I'd like to generate 64-bit static MIPS binaries (for use in an
architecture simulator, eventually) and run them on my machine (an Indy)
for testing.  I just installed Debian/MIPS/unstable, using the suggestion
that appeared earlier on this list to install the 2.4.22 kernel before
doing the stable->unstable upgrade. [I'll chime in here that it certainly
wouldn't hurt to make the libc message a little more explicit, since the
consequences up attempting the upgrade with the stock woody kernel are

My question is: does debian already have 64-bit gcc/libraries packaged?
Will the stock debian kernel (mips32) run 64-bit binaries?  Or do I have
to build a mips64 kernel (and has someone packaged such a thing)?  And,
just to double-check: the mips64 kernel will run mips32 binaries, right?

[A little off-topic, but related: are there packaged MIPS kernels with XFS
support, so I can see the IRIX side of my disk, or do I have to build this
myself?  And could someone give me brief pointers on how to build a kernel
with the kernel-patch-mips package?  Do I just
   make-kpkg --added-patches=mips ...
or some such?]


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