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Re: Hi - yet another problem regarding printing....

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
Stefan Deling wrote:

I finally succeded in setting up my Indy with cups to act as a printserver. I recompiled cups-1.1.20 on the Indy (okay, it took
some time!). Now it runs faster than i exspected. remote printing
works just fine! It runs faster than this combination of apsfilter-ghostscript-lpd which i was running before that. Maybe
this stuff woul run faster when compiled this way...
So finally thanks to the developers of cups and of course Vincent
Stehlé who wrote the parport driver for the Indy.

I just hacked a bit on this driver, made it use interrupts instead
of polling and reduced its noise level (it flooded /var/log for me).
If you are inclined to compile your own kernel it would be nice
to try it out (and let me know if it works for you). :-)

The diff against linux-mips.org CVS is available from


Hi there!

I just compiled a new kernel ( version 2.4.23-rc5 ) from linux-mips
cvs tree. I applied your patch and it works just fine for me.
Did somebody ever try e.g. an Iomega Zip drive or something like that?

@vincent: I´ll drop you a mail with the promised trace.log as soon as i can.



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