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Re: Hi - yet another problem regarding printing....

Stuart Longland wrote:

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Stefan Deling wrote:

| My Indy has a 4600CPU running at 100MHz. It has 64MB RAM and a little
| harddisk (524MB or so). Maybe I´ll try compiling cups on my own with
| optimizations for this cpu. We´ll see...
| Got other ideas?
| Ciao

Ahh yes, pretty much the stock original Indy.  I've found that even on a
133MHz CPU and 256MB RAM  and 9.1GB HDD it isn't much faster... but
processor optomisations may help a little.  In fact, I've started
installing Gentoo/MIPS on the machine here to play with processor
optomisations -- see if it boosts the machine further.

I'll have a play and certainly let you know -- although I've found that
processor optomisations haven't made a great deal of difference on Intel
IA32 hardware -- so I'm not sure about mips.

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Hi there folks, its me again!

I finally succeded in setting up my Indy with cups to act as a printserver. I recompiled cups-1.1.20 on the Indy (okay, it took
some time!). Now it runs faster than i exspected. remote printing
works just fine! It runs faster than this combination of apsfilter-ghostscript-lpd which i was running before that. Maybe
this stuff woul run faster when compiled this way...
So finally thanks to the developers of cups and of course Vincent
Stehlé who wrote the parport driver for the Indy.

At the moment i am writing my experiences down as a web page which
will be oon available. I start at the very beginning... serial console & installation... ;-) I´ll post the adress when it´s finished or you
dropped a mail, we´ll see.



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