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Re: Debian and DEC 5000/25

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 03:07:28PM -0500, Mauricio wrote:

> 	I have here a Personal DEC 5000/25 with some 40MB of RAM 
> which is currently running netbsd.  Since I want to have a Linux box 
> at home and am having problems getting it to work in any of my old 
> Suns, I was wondering if the DDEC would do the trick.  So, would it 
> work happily with Debian?  Is Debian for this machine pretty complete 
> (i.e. I can run X and everything else)?

In general, Linux/MIPS runs on the Personal DECstations, although
with some limitations. The kernel used in the last stable Debian
release has a bug on the Personal DECstations, which causes the
installer to crash, so the installer does not support the Personal
DECstation series. Besides, it works only with serial console on this

The kernel bug causing the crash has been fixed in newer kernels and
there are patches for local console support, but they are not yet
integrated into the mainline kernel. X is not useable yet. You can
get an Xserver to run and there is also mouse support, but the
keyboard handling in X does not work on a personal DECstation yet, so
currently running NetBSD on the box is probably the better choice.

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