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Re: can't upgrade from stable to testing/unstable (Bus error)


> > This causes the following error message:
> > ---
> > WARNING: System V message queues require kernel 2.4.22 to
> > work correctly on this architecture. Some programs
> > (including perl) may not operate correctly.
> Have you tried to install kernel 2.4.22? Without that, the new
> libc will have broken IPC, which can lead to all sorts of trouble.

No,  because there is no 2.4.22 package in woody. The newest kernel in woody
is 2.4.19.
I wanted to upgrade my kernel after installing debian testing.

> > What can I do ?
> > Has anybody installed testing or unstable on an Indy ??
> Yes, I have. Unstable works quite well here.

How did you do it ?  Upgrading from woody ? Or is there a tftpboot.img for
testing/unstable ?


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