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Re: can't upgrade from stable to testing/unstable (Bus error)

Mika Valtonen wrote:
> > > No,  because there is no 2.4.22 package in woody. The newest kernel in
> > woody
> > > is 2.4.19.
> > > I wanted to upgrade my kernel after installing debian testing.
> > Try the one from unstable. You can install it with --force-depends,
> > although I don't think this will solve your problem.
> Ok, I installed 2.4.22 from unstable (--force-depends didn't do it, so I
> used --force-all).
> After being confused about a still-booting 2.4.16 and figuring out that I
> had to use dvhtool to make the new kernel boot

apt-get install arcboot. :-)


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