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Re: A few Decstation questions.

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > We have a preliminary driver, but there are still some issues with the
> > general framebuffer driver framework as we found out that a PMAD-AA
> > behaves a bit different from what you expect from a standard mono
> > framebuffer. Besides we only have one such card which makes distributed
> > work on the driver quite difficult. Joey (joey@d.o.) has the lastest
> > driver source. I hope we can tackle the driver again on the next developer
> > meeting.
> We have two, Thimo owns one as well.
> I have to admit that I basically run out of time after the framebuffer
> folks ignored me and then refused to include the additions we need.
> I'm awfully sorry but I have other things to do as well than fighting
> against windmills.
> I sent the patch to a web archive so anybody can grab it from there:
> http://www.infodrom.org/Mail-Archive/misc/2002/0005.html

Ah, I never saw that patch. You better had send it to linux-fbdev-devel.

Your frame buffer type should definitely be FB_TYPE_PACKED_PIXELS, but with a
monochrome visual.

In 2.5.x (at least fbdev BK), there's logo support for that.
For 2.4.x, it will be more difficult to get it in. Since MIPS is quite
out-of-sync with the mainline, I guess it's best to just keep it in the MIPS
CVS tree (Ralf?). Note that logo support for the HP300 TopCat card, which is
also monochrome on 8 bpp, is in Linux/m68k CVS only as well, and I don't really
intend to get that merged.



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