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Debootstrap issues

Hi again,

I've finally managed to boot my Indigo2 into the Debian installer, using
the kernel found on
The installation goes well, until I have to download the packages from
the net. All packages are downloaded via
http://http.us.debian.org/debian as it is the default choice. But
sometimes I get "could not download package" or "corrupted archive" and
I go back to the Debian menu highlighting "Install Base System".
If I repeat this operation a few times, all packages are downloaded,
validated and extracted at last. But debootstrap _always_ fails during
the configuration. I've spent 6 hours trying to get it through, and I
couldn't succeed. I got errors 139, 138, 134 and 1. I've tried reloading
the installation process from the beginning, rebooting the computer a
couple of times, nothing worked, so I'm kind of helpless right now.
So my question was, is anyone aware of such issues, and if so, is there
a way to complete the installation ? I'd also like to know if I could
use sarge's or sid's debootstrap package instead, since it's apparently
the one that's causing all the mess. If this is possible, could someone
please explain me how ?
The weirdest thing is I've got a friend who's got the _exact_ same
hardware, and had no problem installing Debian Woody. Am I cursed or
something ? Where could this problem come from, besides debootstrap ?
Again, thanks in advance.

Lucas Moulin <lucaramel@yahoo.fr>
"I wish I had a shilling for every senseless killing, I'd buy a
government" -- NOFX

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