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Re: Indigo2 installation freezes on kernel boot

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 02:27:20PM +0100, Lucas Moulin wrote:
> I recently got a SGI Indigo2 R4400@250Mhz, 384 Mo RAM, XL video card,
> 4Gb SCSI HD, no CD-Rom or floppy. I try to install a Debian Woody on it.
[bootloader output] 
> And my system freezes. I cannot do anything but reboot using the reset
> button.

Just an idea, as I have no Indigo2: perhaps the system does not really
crash but the kernel does not use the serial console, so you do not
get any output. Perhaps specifying the tty to use as console on the
kernel command line (console=ttyS0 or whatever is appropriate for
the console port of an I2) would help.
AFAIK the output to the point of the "crash" is handled using prom
calls, and afterwards the kernel console driver is used.

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