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Re: Indigo2 installation freezes on kernel boot

On Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:27:20 +0100
Lucas Moulin <lucas@brebis.org> wrote:

I'm answering myself, because I've finally solved it. Actually, my
Indigo2 has two XL video cards. As a friend told me he could not boot
with the 2 cards inside, I tried to boot with one only inside the
box(the first one, on the first video port). It still didn't work... So
I tried the other card, still no result. Then I tried a card on the
second video port and it worked ! I finally tried the other card on the
same port, and it worked again. So I guess this is a bug in the
installation kernel after all.
Anyway, hope this helps some people (as it has already helped someone I
know who couldn't manage to boot Linux on his Indy with 2 video cards).

Lucas Moulin <lucaramel@yahoo.fr>
"I wish I had a shilling for every senseless killing, I'd buy a
government" -- NOFX

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