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dual boot indy...

well... encouraged by posts of 'its easy really' on this list i set out to 
dual boot my indy with irix6.2.

have a 9GB disk so just partitioned it roughly in half (whilst being careful 
to allow for a large volumeheader) and installed irix on the first half. then 
i simply booted from a netboot image. and yes, it is very straightforward... 
the only wierd bit was partitioning with the fdisk that comes with the image. 
i had to fill in some small gaps in my disklabel with ~100k blocks of swap 
before fdisk would allow me to make a large enough partition for /.

unfortunately i have to fiddle with env variables in the PROM in order to 
switch between systems (actually only osloadpartition as i can boot in two 
stages with sash for irix). will now try arcboot so i can move my kernel out 
of the volume header. i have had a quick look at the code for this but my C is 
pretty non-existant for hacking on this to make it able to boot irix too. i'm 
guessing that you would need to control osbootparition and osloadpartition 
from it. and possibly also be able to read XFS/EFS in order to boot the irix 
kernel which may be ecoff anyway...

note i probably dont know what i'm talking about...


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