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Re: dual boot indy...

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 04:44:26PM +0100, Greg MATTHEWS wrote:
> unfortunately i have to fiddle with env variables in the PROM in order to 
> switch between systems (actually only osloadpartition as i can boot in two 
> stages with sash for irix). will now try arcboot so i can move my kernel out 
> of the volume header. i have had a quick look at the code for this but my C is 
> pretty non-existant for hacking on this to make it able to boot irix too. i'm 
> guessing that you would need to control osbootparition and osloadpartition 
> from it. and possibly also be able to read XFS/EFS in order to boot the irix 
> kernel which may be ecoff anyway...
Can't we just jump into sash with the right command line parameters, so
sash can handle to boot the IRIX kernel properly? Booting sash out of
the disklabel should be about one call to the PROM's
LONG Execute(
	CHAR    *Path,
	ULONG    Argc,
	CHAR    *Argv[],
	CHAR    *Envp[]);
function. I ever wanted to add this to arcboot but I currently don't
even have enough diskspace for linux, not to mention wasting space for
 -- Guido

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