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Re: No script to make CDs bootable for mips ...

> I think the "correct" way to create bootable CDs is using EFS since the
> Indy's PROM can handle this. Are there any tools for writing EFS? A
> google search revealed nothing usefull.

There are no free tools for writing EFS, only a kernel fs filter for reading
a EFS filesystem.  (I've had no luck getting it to read EFS filesystems on
a CD though.  The mount process simply hangs and I have to reboot to use
the drive again.  I have a Plextor 40max which supposedly supports the 512
byte blocks on SGI discs.)

The other problem you have is that the SGI firmware will only boot 512 bytes/sector
CDs.  I'm not sure how you'd go about creating such a disc on a conventional
PC burner.  I've heard of people copying their IRIX discs, but I don't know
if it was done on a PC or with SGI equipment.

Ryan Underwood, <nemesis at icequake.net>, icq=10317253

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