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I want Debian on my Challenge DM


please forgive my lack of expertise and competence but I hope to improve
over time.

I have recently been given a SGI Challenge DM dual mips with 4 vault
storage array, a bare metal boxes no Irix OS.  I would dearly love to put
Debian on it but a check of the Debian site shows no support for this

What I would like to know is am I likely to be able to port Debian to it
with a lot of hard work, pain and one hopes eventually triumphant victory.

The main problem is I have only rudimentary programming skills in Perl and
shell, I am starting to learn C but my skills have barely progressed
beyond 'hello world'.

My friends think I am mad, but this is really something I would like to do
even if it takes me years.

Advise support please?

Peace Jim

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