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indigo2 installation

Hi folks.  I'm trying to get Debian installed on an Indigo2 (as if
sparc32, sparc64, ppc, and x86 wasn't enough) but I'm having a hard time
booting the installation system.

bootp and tftp work fine.  The tftpboot.img file is downloaded to the
SGI machine.  I am running on a serial console, and here's the output I

>> bootp(): root=/dev/ram0                                                
Setting $netaddr to (from server locust.lcs.mit.edu)          
Obtaining  from server locust.lcs.mit.edu                                 
1863680+1748788+95568 entry: 0x8800274c  

I don't get anything after this at all.  I assume that I should be
seeing Linux boot at this point.  Can anybody enlighten me as to what
might be going wrong?

I am using the tftpboot.img file from 3.0.15-2001-10-19/ in the example
above.  However, I get similar behavior when using the
3.0.18-2001-12-31/ bootp images.


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