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Re: Q's about multiboot (was: Re: all broken )

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 05:42:52PM +0000, Greg MATTHEWS wrote:
> will debian co-exist and install alongside irix and or netbsd? is there a 
> problem with different disk label formats? forgive my ignorance on disk 
> labels, i havent tried this but i was intending to. (hoping to have adsl 
> first, installing over modem was a bit painful!). also, will debian be ok with 
> a second scsi disk?

Theoretically it should work - Just take care you have enough room in
the volume header for a linux kernel which is the best solution to boot.

Then install linux with sgi disklabels which linux will use happily. I
dont know if IIIrix will complain about partition types 82/83.

Its worth a try - But anyway - Who cares about the other OS ?

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