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Q's about multiboot (was: Re: all broken )

will debian co-exist and install alongside irix and or netbsd? is there a 
problem with different disk label formats? forgive my ignorance on disk 
labels, i havent tried this but i was intending to. (hoping to have adsl 
first, installing over modem was a bit painful!). also, will debian be ok with 
a second scsi disk?


> I don't know if it matters, but I have tried to install also NetBSD on
> that very same box, that there were some BSD disklabels left on that other
> disk, and now that remember it hard, it somehow confused the installation
> routine and it asked if I would like use whole /dev/sdb is as swap partion
> and I guess I said OK. Next time when I tried installation I partioned
> another disk also and installer asked me to choose swap between /dev/sda2
> and /dev/sdb2 correctly.

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