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Re: X, mouse, oss.sgi.com?

On Mon, Jan 28, 2002 at 11:35:10AM +0000, Greg MATTHEWS wrote:
> i never got the ps2 mouse working properly under X even after creating the 
> /dev/psaux i could get X to start but mouse movement was erratic with spurious 
I've not used this for quiet some time(since gpm's repeater mode gives
you a cut'n'paste on the console and in X) - but this definitely once worked.
This does *not* work if you're running both gpm and X. Could you check
if it's still flaky, when you're disabling gpm?

> button events. the solution (from this list) was to use /dev/gpmdata and set 
> up gpm to use the raw option. this does have the unfortunate side effect of 
> not being tunable so mouse movement is a bit slow. i also have a 24bit card 
Isn't that tunable in gpm?
 -- Guido

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