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Re: Booting Kernel Problems on Indy and indigo2

 > I boot the SGI (doesn't matter which one) and unset the netaddr, then
 > do something like the following boot -f bootp()thekernel
 > init=/bin/bash nfsroot= Now in both cases it seems to
 > download the kernel okay, then just hangs and I have to reboot.

I'm having the same problem the output to the concol of the indigo2 is
as follows
---------------  copyed from console  ------------
Setting $netaddr to (from server )
Obtaining vmlinux-2.4.3.ecoff from server
1503232+0+147092 entry: 0x880025a8

The machine dose access the hdd but has got no further after 30mins

is there anymore info i can get the system to report? any advice is welcome.

ps the machine is responding to ping's if this is any help

  Paul R. Gammans
  Post Graduate Research Student with 'Interaction Design Research'
  snail-mail: Brunel University, Egham, Surrey. TW20 0JZ
  e-mail: paul.gammans@brunel.ac.uk

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