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Re: Booting Kernel Problems on Indy and indigo2

>   > I boot the SGI (doesn't matter which one) and unset the netaddr, then
>   > do something like the following boot -f bootp()thekernel
>   > init=/bin/bash nfsroot= Now in both cases it seems to
>   > download the kernel okay, then just hangs and I have to reboot.
> I'm having the same problem the output to the concol of the indigo2 is
> as follows
> ---------------  copyed from console  ------------
> Setting $netaddr to (from server )
> Obtaining vmlinux-2.4.3.ecoff from server
> 1503232+0+147092 entry: 0x880025a8
> --------------------------------------------------
> The machine dose access the hdd but has got no further after 30mins
> is there anymore info i can get the system to report? any advice is welcome.
> ps the machine is responding to ping's if this is any help
try to append  "console=ttyS0" to the boot command.

If you are using a serial console.

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