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Re: Cobalt RaQ 2


At 05:50 PM 8/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
> Cobalt support has merged into the current Mips kernel CVS a couple
> of days ago - Check the linux-mips@oss.sgi.com list for that.
> There are currently only a little mips/mipsel packages available
> and we are in the middle of a possibly incompatible glibc transition
> (2.0.7 -> 2.2) so its all less than Alpha.

Im trying to build an 'updated' cobalt install with al the stuff from cobalt working.

I have so far updated to binutils 2.10 for compiling a newer gcc (2.4.x kernels)
It seems that the latest 20000814 egcs snapshot appears to work.
It is still compiling (my cobalt Qube 2 has just 32MB although I upgraded the drive to a 13GB :-)

I've checked out the current CVS snapshot, but I can't get it
to compile.  I've got a chroot debian system set up on my cobalt,
but I'm missing a 'good' gcc or egcs.  Where can I find this stuff?

I will let you know if this snapshot works.
The latest gcc release (2.95) won't work. (can't make executables).

Also...  Is there a debian porting FAQ somewhere that tells everyone
what order to tackle the compiles in?


This is from searching the different README's in the tarballs.
btw I am not building for a debian box. But that shouldn't matter in this case.

I am trying to go from a 2.0.x kernel to a recent 2.4 (it has xfs support - journaling).
And add more fail-over support (eg customer abuse/when I'm sleepy ;-).
A friend of my mine sells these boxes to customers and he donated a Qube2 to me. I'm trying to help him out making it work better and learn allot in the process.


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