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Re: Platformer game package - "Super Bombinhas"

On Tue, 2021-02-02 at 07:19 -0300, Victor David Santos wrote:

> bundle.rb is still useful for the way I currently create an
> executable for Windows. deb.sh would still be useful to copy the
> files to the package structure (or is there a better way to do this?)

The intro guide I linked will have info on how to create the Debian
package correctly.

> It's no longer used, I removed the "Aleva Games" name from the
> project and decided to launch it under my own name. By the way, none
> of the SVG files in the project are being used. They are remainders
> from long ago, when the game's graphics weren't even pixel art... I
> will remove them.

I see. The names seemed similar to the aesprite files.

BTW, aesprite is now proprietary so I suggest you switch to LibreSprite.


> It's the logo from my engine, I don't see the point in including the
> original SVG file in the project.

The PNG file is built from the SVG file, so the PNG is not source and
should not be in the Git repo, while the SVG file is source and so
should be in the Git repo.

> I downloaded most of them from freesound.org, edited some of them
> myself on Audacity.

OK, so the original source for the audio is probably lost as usually
folks only upload their premixed versions, possibly based on
proprietary samples and digital instruments.

> They were all composed by other people and exported to me as OGG. I
> don't know exactly what technologies they used, one of them I know
> used Ardour 6, but possibly also other software.

Same goes for this.

> They were created in Linux Multimedia Studio. However, they are also
> no longer used, I will remove them from the project.

and for this.



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