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Re: Platformer game package - "Super Bombinhas"

On Mon, 2021-02-01 at 08:36 -0300, Victor David Santos wrote:

> Thanks for the detailed feedback. Just to make sure, not all of these
> items you pointed out are mandatory for the package to be accepted,
> right?

All of the points I made are my personal opinions. There are a range of
different approaches to the things I brought up within Debian and
opinions on them vary widely. I don't generally sponsor packages so my
opinions don't really matter here and I expect there are plenty of
folks who would not require any of the changes I suggested. I only post
my opinions in order to try to influence people to do things in what I
see as a way to mitigate lots of downsides of certain practices.

> For example, the fact that my font image doesn't support all
> character sets. It's not viable for me to make it support all of
> them, instead I would update it on demand as new translations were
> made...

An alternative approach would be to render text from the system fonts
at runtime, that would give you support for every language with fonts.
That might not fit with your design philosophy though, so perhaps it is
best to stick the current approach of hand-drawn pixel fonts for now.

> If you could point out to me which of these are changes I must do,
> that would help a lot... I don't have as much time to dedicate to
> this project as I would like. :/

Reading through the intro guide, creating a Debian source package
(rather than just a .deb) and packaging gosu/minigl are the only things
you must do. Answers to the questions I asked would not take long to do
and would be useful to have.

> The Gosu library is not owned by me, so how would I proceed to have
> it packaged for Debian? Is it really necessary, considering that it's
> a Ruby gem, publicly available from rubygems.org?

Each dependency must be separately packaged in Debian properly with a
new source package (.dsc) and one or more binary packages (.deb).

Personally I would suggest packaging them from the upstream source on
GitHub rather than from the Ruby gem files. That isn't mandatory for
Debian packages of Ruby projects though.




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