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Re: Platformer game package - "Super Bombinhas"

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Just to make sure, not all of these items you pointed out are mandatory for the package to be accepted, right?
For example, the fact that my font image doesn't support all character sets. It's not viable for me to make it support all of them, instead I would update it on demand as new translations were made...
If you could point out to me which of these are changes I must do, that would help a lot... I don't have as much time to dedicate to this project as I would like. :/


Em seg., 1 de fev. de 2021 às 01:55, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> escreveu:
On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 8:36 PM Victor David Santos wrote:

> I would like to distribute my open source platformer game in the official Debian repositories.

Please review our guide for new package maintainers:


Some things you might want to think about before working on this:

The game appears to be GNU GPLv3 and CC-BY-SA-4.0 rather than MIT licensed.

I thought Ruby could load code from multiple files, maybe using
modules or similar, so deb.sh and bundle.rb probably are unnecessary?

gosu and minigl aren't yet in Debian, so you would need to package
those for Debian first.

It might be interesting to package the editor too so people can add
their own levels.

If you update the code/data and release a new version, the screenshots
could get outdated, creating them at build time can avoid this.

You might want to switch from your custom i18n/l10n to a more standard
format like gettext, since that is what most translators are used to.

The images in deb/ and data/ are built from the *.svg and *.aesprite
files. Some of the *.aesprite files seem to be created from *.svg
files. That should happen at build time instead of storing the
prebuilt files in the git repository.

I wonder about where the res/alevaLogo.svg file came from, what it
refers to and what the license is. It also doesn't appear to be used
anywhere in the codebase?

I note that data/img/ui/minigl.png was rendered from Inkscape but
there is no corresponding minigl.svg file. It also doesn't appear to
be used anywhere in the codebase?

How were the audio files in data/sound/ created?
How were the audio files in data/song/ created?
How were the audio files in res/song/ created?

Some of the images contain pre-rendered text, which means that text
won't be translatable. Also the font image only supports a limited set
of characters, so the game won't be translatable to non-Latin

I note that several (res/bombie2.svg, res/BombaAzul.svg,
res/Fureel.svg, res/tileset/2.svg) of the SVG images contain bitmaps,
so that means they won't be scalable if you want to make a
higher-resolution version.

deb.sh does not contain any bashisms, so it could be POSIX shell
instead of bash.

There is a typo in elements.rb, replace "seciton" with "section".

There are a few duplicate files, run this command to find them: fdupes -q -r .

The path in the .deb should be /usr/share rather than /opt.

The data/*/README.md files have some http links that could be turned into https.

The roodi and rubocop Ruby code checkers report some issues at different levels.



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