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Re: Request for peer review of clamav-unofficial-sigs

Good day Paul

Thanks so much for your help and mentoring. Please see my replies below.


On 2018/11/22 09:07, Paul Wise wrote:
On Thu, Nov 22, 2018 at 2:34 PM Brent Clark wrote:

I am new to packaging and I would like to ask if someone could please
peer review my work.

Some comments:

I'm not sure how you want to use git for packaging. I used gbp and
pristine-tar. These days I would personally remove all upstream code
from git and store only the debian/ directory. A more popular option
is to use the DEP14 standard for this. I'm not sure how the clamav
team do things these days.


Im still unclear of what I need to do here.

I think you will want to use the releases page in the debian/watch:


Thanks for this. I just learnt the tool uscan. I updated debian/watch

The eXtremeSHOK version doesn't have a CHANGELOG file like the
original version did, they instead store their NEWS equivalent file in
the README.md, which would already be installed by dh_installdocs. So
I think you can drop the dh_installchangelogs override from
debian/rules and just not have a separate changelog. If you want to
separate them and upstream refuse to do that, you could split the
README.md at build time and

What I did was, I merged their contents of README.md, above CHANGELOG, for their README.md have changelog information.
But looking at CHANGELOG again, I see I did it wrong.

Could I not pull out the contents, from line(s) 1 - 168 and place it another file of your choice? That way, the changelog of both projects is in one place?

clamav-unofficial-sigs.conf doesn't exist in the eXtremeSHOK version
so the install phase of package building will fail when it tries to
copy that. I guess you will need to do something with the upstream
config directory instead.

Thats correct. I created a "new" config by merging upstreams master.conf, os.debian8.conf and user.conf in to clamav-unofficial-sigs.conf.

in debian/dirs you will see etc/clamav-unofficial-sigs

I wonder if debian/publickey.gpg is still needed.

This is an interesting one, in my vagrant env, clamav-unofficial-sigs.sh does get publickey.gpg it self.

I manually downloaded publickey.gpg and compared to your package and the md5sum say its the same.

How about we leave it for now?

The eXtremeSHOK version doesn't have a clamav-unofficial-sigs.8 so
debian/manpages will cause dh_installman to fail.

Thats correct. eXtremeSHOK wants you to run "/usr/local/sbin/clamav-unofficial-sigs.sh --install-man"

Which creates /usr/share/man/man8/clamav-unofficial-sigs.8

I took that file and updated clamav-unofficial-sigs.8 with their contents.

The eXtremeSHOK version has a README.md file instead of a README file
so debian/docs will cause dh_installdocs to fail.

If you ever decide to get this into Debian, debian/copyright needs to
be updated for the new copyrights of eXtremeSHOK.

I may need you to please peer review here. Im not really sure what needs to be done here.
I updated it with the upstreams details.

You might want to add yourself to Uploaders in debian/control.

Im not really phased by the recognition, I just want it all right.
But for transparency, Ive done it.

I'd put a space before the bracket in debian/changelog.


Please run lintian on the .changes file.

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