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Re: Questions regarding orphaned package and transition

Since this is an orphaned package, any uploads would be referred to as
"QA upload" (dch --qa) rather than NMUs.

Looking at #904418, it seems that the test rebuild of all reverse
dependencies was not fully completed so there could be more than just
OpenSIPS affected.

The package ratt (Rebuild All The Things) can be used to rebuild reverse deps.

You might want to read through the transitions documentation if you
haven't already:


In short these are the next steps:

Test-rebuild every reverse dependency.
Get all the rebuild issues fixed.
Report the status in the transition bug.
Wait for the go-ahead from the release team.
Upload json-c to unstable.
Report the status in the transition bug.
Wait for the release team to schedule binNMUs.
Wait for the buildds to finish rebuilds.
Wait for the packages to transition to testing.
Wait for the release team to close the transition bug.



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