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Questions regarding orphaned package and transition

Hello mentors,

I would like to get the sway window manager into unstable. Sway has a
build dependency on libjson-c-dev (>=0.13). I'm trying to wrap my head
around the possibilities to help out with this, but i'm not sure if i
understand the dependencies correct, so i welcome any pointers to
explanations and corrections:
The version of libjson-c-dev sway needs is in experimental. According to
#844452 the package is orphaned and there is also a transition for
json-c because of api changes (#904418). There is one package that FTBS
with then newer json-c (#904660), namely opensips. Am I right in
thinking that the version is in experimental because of the transition
and that the goal would be that all dependencies that have problems with
the new version should get fixed and reuploaded? If if managed to fix
that FTBS, i could do an NMU- would the transition then happen
automatically or is it a manual process? To test if the transition runs
without problems, i should do a rebuild of all the packages that
(build-)depend on src:json-c (how would i get a list of all those, apt
rdepends for all the binary packges of src:json-c?)


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