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Bug#888312: RFS: streamlink/0.10.0+dfsg-1

On Thu, 2018-01-25 at 22:35 +0100, Alexis Murzeau wrote:

> Without this override, dh_installchangelogs uses "docs/changelog.rst"
> instead, which contains only an include statement and not the actual
> content (see diffoscope in attachment)
> According to its sources, dh_installchangelogs iterates ".", "doc/",
> "docs/" directories in this order and takes the last found. Only if
> there are several matches in a given directory, it takes the first
> one found in that directory.

I see, thanks for the explanation. Seems I misread the code :)

> I've added a comment about that on top of
> override_dh_installchangelogs.


> Do you think there is something better to do here ?

Maybe debhelper could be smarter about not choosing tiny changelog
files over larger files, but you would still need the override for
older suites.

If it doesn't already, it would be a good idea for lintian to check
that the upstream changelog file is a sane one; it should have a
version number in it and not be too tiny.

If you would like to do some more research and file bugs for these,
that would be appreciated.

> The python3-iso3166 package is indeed available, the missing one is
> iso639 which I miss-written. When not using pycountry, streamlink
> need both iso3166 and iso639 python packages.
> I updated the comment with python3-iso639 instead of python3-iso3166.

I see, great.



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