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Bug#888246: RFS: ddccontrol/0.4.3-1

I have found some minor issues in the package that I think should be

 1. the lintian-override is not necessary. binary-without-manpage is
    just a warning, not an error, and we can live with it until the
    binary moves to the right place. in fact, it provides a good
    reminder that this still needs to be done, so do not override it.

 2. in gbp.conf, "upstream-tree = 0.4.3" is out of place. it shouldn't
    be necessary because "upstream-tag = %(version)s" should work.

Other comments, which are not blockers for an upload - but if you're
going to reroll the package anyways, might as well consider fixing this:

 3. could you clarify why the override_dh_autoreconf target is
    necessary? isn't autoreconf exactly designed for the purpose of
    running autogen.sh?

 4. it is quite strange to see a 10k line diff for a patch release
    (0.4.2 -> 0.4.3). I would encourage you to release a new *major*
    version (e.g. 0.5.0 or 1.0.0) next time you make such significant
    changes. not sure you can fix this now that the tag is public on
    github, so maybe just a note for next time...

 5. as lintian noticed, debian/copyright now has a formal syntax,
    specified by DEP5. no big deal, but you could do a refresh on that
    file. decopy is a tool that does this well.

Once issues 1 and 2 are fixed, I'm happy to upload the package.



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