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Re: installing GUI launchers and mimes

On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 10:30:46AM +0200, Narcis Garcia wrote:
> I'm observing how is transmission-gtk packaged and it seems that it's
> not enough with including files as
> ./usr/share/applications/xxx.desktop
> ./usr/share/mime/packages/xxx.xml
> but postinst script should run update-menus and update-mime (or
> update-mime-database) if available.
update-menus is only for the menu files, not for desktop files.
update-mime and update-mime-database are run via triggers, not maintainer

> It seems also that there are (or were) some need to write profiles as
> /usr/share/menu/PackageName
> /usr/lib/mime/packages/PackageName
> (time ago the first was at /usr/lib/menu/) to be located by update-menus
> program.
Probably. So?

> Packaging my program, how can I deal better with this
Do you have any actual problems with any of this?

> , in most compatible way as possible (with other distros and with old
> Debian versions)?
We don't do such compatibility in the official packages. Make separate
source packages for different distros.

> [Note that I write my own postinst script]
Don't do that.


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