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Re: installing GUI launchers and mimes

El 30/07/17 a les 10:52, Andrey Rahmatullin ha escrit:
> On Sun, Jul 30, 2017 at 10:30:46AM +0200, Narcis Garcia wrote:
>> I'm observing how is transmission-gtk packaged and it seems that it's
>> not enough with including files as
>> ./usr/share/applications/xxx.desktop
>> ./usr/share/mime/packages/xxx.xml
>> but postinst script should run update-menus and update-mime (or
>> update-mime-database) if available.
> update-menus is only for the menu files, not for desktop files.
> update-mime and update-mime-database are run via triggers, not maintainer
> scripts.

Do you mean that with only having at the package:
triggers are automatically run?

With xdg-desktop-menu x.desktop the Categories variable altready
determines menu placement. Without this command, triggers already update
the menu?

Why transmission-gtk/postinst calls update-menus and update-mime ? Is it
some kind of compatibility measure?


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