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Re: SBuild: Post-build fails to fetch some packages

Johannes Schauer <josch@debian.org> writes:

> sbuild maintainer here. In these cases you can always file a bug but
> lets see if we can solve this here.

Thank you for weighing in to this thread.

> Secondly, just using --upgrade will do nothing unless you also --update the
> chroot.

That seems like a bug; why would ‘--upgrade’ silently do nothing? I
would think it should either complain that it's useless, or implicitly
turn on ‘--update’ as well (I certainly assume that ‘sbuild-update
--upgrade’ means “do update, then also do upgrade”.)

Should I file a bug report for that?

> I see that your sbuild is running autopkgtest even though you didn't
> tell it to do so on the command line. In this case it would also be
> helpful to see all your non-default modifications from your
> ~/.sbuildrc

Aha, I see that my ‘~/.sbuildrc’ has a ‘$external_commands’ which is
invoking ‘adt-run’ with an explicit chroot. So that is the one which
needs to be updated.

That setting has been there since before ‘adt-run’ was deprecated. So
it's long enough that I forgot I'd written it :-)

Sorry for the red herring, everyone.

> As it says at the bottom of the man page, you can easily do an update,
> (dist-)upgrade, clean, autoclean and autoremove in one go by doing:
>     % sbuild-update -udcar unstable
> Does that fix your problem?

Is that equivalent to:

    $ sudo sbuild-update --update --dist-upgrade --clean --autoclean --autoremove unstable

(I prefer, when recording commands in a script, to use the explicit
options; it makes it easier to understand when coming back months

Yes, after running that command the ‘adt-run’ command now is able to
download the right versions of packages.

Now I need to convert that to an ‘autopkgtest’ command instead :-)

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