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Re: RFS: i8kutils/1.43 -- Fan control for some Dell laptops

On Sat, Jul 01, 2017 at 07:15:24PM -0300, Vitor Augusto wrote:
> I understood, by your questioning about RC, that I should remove it. If
> so, I agree! I am new at packaging. I put RC there as I thought I should
> have chosen between ITA,ITP,QA,NMU,RC. It is not clear in the rfs-howto
> that this field is optional. Then, RC removed from subject.

"RC" means a "Release Critical" bug, ie, severity:critical, serious or
grave; these tend to block a package from being considered releasable and
point to a bug that wants a stable update.  (Stable updates are nowadays
also accepted for severity:important on a case-by-case basis.)

> Lintian error "bad syntax of NEWS.Debian" is corrected at the package on
> mentors now. Just needed two spaces in the beginning of the lines,
> instead of one it had.
> Lintian error about "debian/control" corrected based on your suggestion.
> Name of "Karl E. Jorgensen" corrected!

Well, <F8> means ø so it should be "Jørgensen" but 7-bit ASCII only might be
good enough.

> Now everything seems alright.

Looks good to me, uploaded.

It would be nice if you could file RFSes as bugs rather than merely a mail
to the list -- this way they don't fall through the cracks if no one acts
upon them immediately.

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