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Re: SBuild: Post-build fails to fetch some packages


Quoting Ben Finney (2017-07-02 02:57:25)
> > Secondly, just using --upgrade will do nothing unless you also --update the
> > chroot.
> That seems like a bug; why would ‘--upgrade’ silently do nothing? I
> would think it should either complain that it's useless, or implicitly
> turn on ‘--update’ as well (I certainly assume that ‘sbuild-update
> --upgrade’ means “do update, then also do upgrade”.)
> Should I file a bug report for that?

I'm unsure. The "sbuild-update" script is thought of as a "apt-get" wrapper in
the sense that it runs the apt-get command you want inside the chroot. And if
you run "apt-get upgrade" on your host system without running "apt-get update"
first then also nothing happens.

Also, specifying "--upgrade" alone can make sense if you run it after running
"--update" like this:

    $ sbuild-update --update unstable
    $ sbuild-update --upgrade unstable

But what I have no doubt about is, that the documentation can be better. If you
would like to file a bug that it could be better documented how this part of
sbuild works, then please file a bug about it. Thank you!

> > As it says at the bottom of the man page, you can easily do an update,
> > (dist-)upgrade, clean, autoclean and autoremove in one go by doing:
> >
> >     % sbuild-update -udcar unstable
> >
> > Does that fix your problem?
> Is that equivalent to:
>     $ sudo sbuild-update --update --dist-upgrade --clean --autoclean --autoremove unstable
> (I prefer, when recording commands in a script, to use the explicit
> options; it makes it easier to understand when coming back months
> later.)

Yes, that is the same command using long options.

> Yes, after running that command the ‘adt-run’ command now is able to download
> the right versions of packages.
> Now I need to convert that to an ‘autopkgtest’ command instead :-)

Cool! Have fun! :)

cheers, josch

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